Service of Process of foreign documents in Greece

For a proper, valid and acceptable Process of Service in Greece, there is a certain procedure that has to be followed. After the necessary documentation and information (certified copy of the original document(s), certified translation of the original document(s), information on last known residence) is gathered, the representative Lawyer proceeds with drafting an Order to Server so that the Process Server takes over the process.

The Process Server can accomplish Service of Process in the following three –mutually exclusive- alternative ways:

  1. Personally to the individual the documents are addressed to
  2. To a member of his family found at the person’s residence
  3. Or in case none of the above is possible, the document of the Service of Process is pasted on the door and the Process Server files the relevant notice with the local police department.

Following, the Service Report is submitted to the Process Servers’ Association for signature ratification and thereafter the file (consisting of the Service Report, together with all the certified documents served) is given to the representative Lawyer in order to proceed with procuring an Apostille and translation of the file to the language of the original documents.  Upon completion of the above described process, proper Service of Process of foreign documents in Greece has been achieved!

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