After years of specializing in Greek citizenship applications and a couple of hundred successful cases, this is some of what we have learned:
• Assess your case early on, either with the assistance of the Greek Consulate of your place of residence or a Greek immigration attorney. Whether you will be applying for Greek Citizenship by Birth, Petition or Naturalization will dictate the process and required documents.
• Carefully cross-check all your documents (the trained eye of a Greek citizenship lawyer may be highly useful) to ensure all the information is consistent throughout (i.e., names, dates, spellings, etc.)
• Prepare accurate translations of all documents to be submitted to the Greek Authorities, along with the necessary certifications.
• Ensure that you have procured all the required documents (which differ depending on the specifics of the case) so that your file is complete at the time of submission.
• When the person you will be drawing your citizenship right from was born in the 1800’s, check whether he/she acquired the foreign citizenship prior to the year 1914, as this can affect the process.
• Once all your documents are procured and properly prepared for submission, make a full copy of your file to keep for reference (and for the event your file is misplaced, lost, etc.)
• Make sure you follow up closely your Greek Citizenship matter – again this is something a Greek immigration attorney can more easily and effectively do!

Good luck with your Greek citizenship application! If you feel we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm at!

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